Everyone that involves in youth soccer play a part in developing  the sport .  For over 30 years in San Antonio area  I have known  many who had  contributed to the development , growing  the sport.  I would like to recognize the following folks .

  • Late Patti Gatzkya  ( AAYSA President)
  • Late Carlos Rodriguez( Founder SASA)
  • Steve Jennings ( over 30 yrs of  youth  soccer development)
  • Ed Perry ( over 30 yrs of youth soccer development)
  • Bobby Blunt (over 30 yrs of soccer development)
  • Mike Just ( former president Neyso)
  • Jose Martinez (Secretary AAYSA, former president Mission city  Soccer)
  • MD Eric Papert ( former president Acyso)
  • /Dentist Florin Ionescu ( former Acyso president)
  • Frank Olivera (former Acyso president)
  • Gloria Rodriguez ( former board member Neyso/ president of SASA
  • James Hope(VP AAYSA)
  • Tara Thompson
  • Ed Garza (AAYSA president)
  • Marcus ( former AAYSA VP)
  • Robert Sheridan ( former AAYSA president)
  • Sandra Blunt
  • Diana Driggers
  • Lizz Penny ( Acyso)
  • James Malik ( former board member Acyso)
  • Pete Pruneda( former principal, coach at John Jay high school)
  • Lance Noble (former DOC Acyso)
  • Qwen Willis
  • Gabriel Serda ( DOC Lonestar)
  • Linard Arocha ( Founder of Cobras SC)
  • Gigi (former registrar Cobras SC)
  • Those players I coached  thru Acyso, Mission city & Cobras  for over  25 yrs of  no break  spring &  fall seasons


James Osa

Founder: Brilliant soccer club

Former  VP, DOC Cobras SC


Old and new game cards from the 80’s to present.